The City of Vicksburg currently employs over 500 full time employees. The Human Resource Department handles all matters involving employees, including overseeing hiring for the City.

Additional duties of the Human Resource Department are as follows:

  • Accept and process applications submitted by job seekers
  • Posting of job opportunities on TV 23, the City’s Job line and Facebook
  • Assist in the recruitment of employees to fill vacant positions
  • Serve as mediator between employees, managers and elected officials
  • Implement into the payroll system all matters involving pay adjustments
  • Provide employees with information regarding benefit programs sponsored by the City or offered through the City
  • Administer all City Policies and benefits involving employees
  • Comply with all local, state, and federal governmental employment reporting requirements 
  • Any other matters not specifically stated above involving employees

If you are interested in applying for a job with the City of Vicksburg, you may check out our online job listings, TV23, Facebook listings or call us at (601) 631-3710, Ext. 1.

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