Saturday, January 20, 2018

The City of Vicksburg Sewer Department is responsible for keeping both the sanitary and storm sewer lines open and flowing. Because of the terrain, the department employs the use of pumps and lift stations to keep the material moving. The department regularly cleans and repairs line and pumps to ensure the proper conveyance of the wastewater and the storm water run-off. The City of Vicksburg recently acquired a large vacuum truck that travels throughout the city removing debris from storm drains and collecting grease and other build-up in lines before they pose problems. The liquid and solids that are removed from the sewer lines are disposed of at the wastewater treatment plant and undergo further treatment there.

In some areas new line and new manholes are placed to deal with aging infrastructure as funding is available. Crews place the new lines in trenches dug to allow for proper vertical and horizontal alignment. Prefabricated manholes are used in some cases, and in others, the crews construct the manholes with brick and mortar. Dyes and smoke testing are used to locate leaks or breaks in the system. Special rod machines and high pressure water machines are used to remove stoppages. The number of lift stations the department maintains has grown rapidly annexation. In addition to the larger stations, a growing number of small grinder pump stations have been added. Several areas that were annexed are served by pressure lines where all the flow is moved by pumps. Gravity lines throughout the system are used where terrain permits and are a cost saving method of conveying the sewerage.

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