Thursday, February 22, 2018

Why Sewer Service Is Important?

The proper conveyance and treatment of sewer is vital for the protection of public health. The addition of sewer service at a home or business also increases the property values. Many industries could not operate in our city without the conveyance of their pretreated liquid wastes and the eventual treatment and final disposal into the Mississippi River. The sewer department serves 9,350 customers through 300 miles of line. All this is accomplished by a dedicated staff of 19 men. Several of these men are available 24/7 to address the needs of the customers.

What You Get For The Fee You Pay?

The sewer department is responsible for the conveyance of domestic and industrial wastewater and the collection and disposal of storm water. But did you know that it also maintains and mans the pumping system and flood gates that border the Yazoo Diversion Canal in our Town? During the periods of the year that the Mississippi River rises above flood stage the sewer department places the flood gates in the flood wall and mans and maintains the pumping system that prevents flooding of many businesses and streets in the downtown area and along the entrance to the waterfront. All these services and the treatment and disposal of wastewater as well as the recycling of biosolids on local agricultural land are paid for by the user fees collected each month from our customers. So you see that actually multiple departments and their associated duties are funded by the small fees that the customers pay each month. The sewer fees customers pay are based on their water consumption.

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